spark1 [spa:k US spa:rk] n
3 spark of interest/excitement/anger etc
6 sparks
[: Old English; Origin: spearca]
1.) ¦(FIRE)¦
a very small piece of burning material produced by a fire or by hitting or rubbing two hard objects together
sparks from the fire
The scrape of metal on metal sent up a shower of sparks .
a flash of light caused by electricity passing across a space
electric sparks from a broken wire
3.) spark of interest/excitement/anger etc
a small amount of a feeling or quality
Rachel looked at her and felt a spark of hope.
4.) ¦(CAUSE)¦
a small action or event that causes something to happen, especially trouble or violence
The judge's verdict provided the spark for the riots.
Interest rate cuts were the spark the market needed.
a quality of intelligence or energy that makes someone successful or fun to be with
She was tired, and lacked her usual spark.
McKellan's performance gives the play its spark of life (=quality of energy) .
6.) sparks [plural]
anger or angry arguments
The sparks were really flying (=people were arguing angrily) at the meeting!
bright spark atbright(10)
spark 2
spark2 v
1.) [T] also spark sth<=>off
to be the cause of something, especially trouble or violence
= ↑provoke
The police response sparked outrage in the community.
A discarded cigarette sparked a small brush fire.
2.) spark sb's interest/hope/curiosity etc
to make someone feel interested, hopeful etc
topics that spark children's imaginations
3.) [I]
to produce sparks of fire or electricity

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.


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